Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Billy The Kid survived until the year 1950!

Many people believe Billy the kid was shot and killed by Pat Garrett in 1881...many people are wrong. In actual fact he lived to the ripe old age of 91,under many alias'. His final alias was Brushy Bill Roberts.

In 1948 William V. Morrison,a probate investigator went to Missouri to investigate a family will dispute. A man involved in the dispute was Jessie Evans,a well known associate of Billy the Kid. During the investigation they disucussed Billy, and Jessie stated that the kid had not been killed by Pat Garrett or any one else for that matter.He went on to say that he is living in Texas under the name Brushy Bill Roberts.

Intrigued by this, Morrison went and visited the man. Who at first denied being the kid but after his wife left the house he fuly confirmed the theory and that he had wanted to obtain the pardon he was promised by governor Wallace many years before hand.

Morrison interviewed Brushy Billy many times over the course of a few months and came to the conlusion that he knew far too much about Billy the Kid's life to have just read the information elsewhere. Also, Brushy Bill knew things about the kid that Historians at the time hadn't a notion about. Though Morrison needed more proof than that,so the pair went to New Mexico to meet his last remaining acquaintances. 3 of the 5 signed legal documents confirming the elderly man as Billy the kid,the other 2 agreed he was the kid, but did not want to get involved in legal proceedings.

According to Brushy Bill, Pat Garrett did kill a man the night the kid was alledgedly murdered. Conveniantly named Billy Barlow. Who according to sources was one year younger than Billy and was the spitting image of him. Could the pair have been confused for one another,yes...yes they could have. Very conveniant for Brushy Bill...not so much for poor Billy Barlow.

Brushy Bill was able to give a deatiled account(which Morrison recorded) of his life after he was supposedly killed. He claimed he had used 10 different alias' and had travelled all over the western states of the united states. He said he was arressted once after being recognised as the kid,but the case was thrown out.

Brushy Bill demonstrated to Morrison in a double jointed fashion, the trick Billy the Kid often used to escape prison. He could make his wrists bend in a certain way as to release him from handcuffs. I dare say this is not a common trate, but one that Brushy Bill and Billy the kid shared.

Other things the pair had in common : (these are facts not theory)
They were both confused as to being left handed when in actual fact they were both ambidextrous.
They were both blue eyed, 5 foot eight and similar weight. (Brushy Bill had gained over 20 pounds in the 70 odd years he lived after his alledged death)

On November 29th 1950 a hearing was scheduled to happen to decide if Brushy Bill Roberts was deserving of a pardon for Billy the kid. The hearing was supposed to be private, however word got out and when the old man and Morrison entered the court they were surrounded by media and 2 of Pat Garrett's sons and other relatives of victims of Billy the kid. Brushy Bill suffered a small stroke but decided to go ahead with the questions for the hearing. As a result of the stroke he was confused and disorientated and got some of the questions about his life wrong. The judge ruled against him,stating he didnt believe he was truly The Kid....(He was clearly a bad judge)

Brushy Bill Roberts died of a heart attack less than two months after the trial.

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